About Us

About Us

UVO Foods Limited is a food processing company that is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality food products that will provide great health benefits for the whole family as well as great value for money We ensure we maintain a high level of organizational excellence in all aspects of our business from production right through distribution until the products get to our customers. We presently have two main products in the market.

We will continue to improve on our food products through continuous research and subscribing to best practices in the food processing industry We plan to introduce new products lines that will delight our customers and meet their needs for healthy food products.

Our Mission

To provide nutritious and tasty food made from the best of West Africa’s livestocks, seafoods, cereals, grains, herbs and vegetables.

Our Vision

To be the preferred provider of food for West Africans, thereby contributing significantly to the nutritional status of West Africans, and improved livelihoods of farmers across the region.

Our Values

Proudly Africans, quality products, cost and time efficiency, continuous improvement, and accountability

Our Spice Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of spices is to try them. Follow what gives unique aroma and choose the most enticing spice that satisfies your palate.


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